Option Fans Advertisements - July 2010

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English Translation:
Posh Pile is a high quality car mat brand headquartered in Hong Kong. Posh Pile is the inspiration of a long time car guy. He found that the OE mats  his cars came with wore out after 1 – 2 years. He found it difficult to find mats in the market up to the high standards of his luxurious interiors, so he created Posh Pile mats to be better than his old OE mats and offer reasonable prices to serve the car owners who shared his desire for the very best.

Brand Promise
Posh Pile uses the highest quality materials resulting in a long lasting car mat. All Posh Pile mats have woven nylon heel pads and fully sewn edges instead of less durable vinyl or plastic and inexpensive taped edges that are found on most aftermarket mats. Furthermore, Posh Pile’s unique shape is designed to fit the majority of cars in Hong Kong. The three types of universal mats currently offered, fit over 70% of all cars. These three types of mats range from value mats to ultimate luxury grade mats. All Posh Pile mats are designed in US and are sold globally. In addition, Posh Pile will soon be introducing direct fit mats for BMW and Mercedes Benz, so be sure to look out for them in the market.

Pacific Coast Highway
Posh Pile Pacific Coast Highway features luxurious full 18oz needle punch pile bound with OE quality woven edges and a long wearing nylon heel pad with waterproof and non-skid backing. Ordinary carpet floor mats at similar price levels feature only taped edges and plastic heel pads. Pacific Coast Highway truly is an extraordinary value.

5th Avenue
The most important component of a floor mat is its backing. 5th Avenue uses high quality TPR rubber instead of common PVC because it makes a more supple form – fitting, and longer lasting mat. These luxury mats also included a woven nylon heel pad, instead of plastic, and a sewn edge that make 5th Avenue far superior in quality to OE mats.

Stay Tuned
Posh Pile Stay Tuned high performance mats use a unique hook “anti-drift” backing that grabs the loop of the car's carpet. This technology is far lighter than  rubber or PVC backings, but still delivers signature Posh Pile luxury. Stay Tuned mats come in a very special black and grey tufted pattern, which greatly enhances the appearance of your car’s interior.